why one_

BODE has a pure approach to beauty. We love humanity, simplicity and honesty.

We are organic and sustainable. Using nature and knowledge, we have created a small range of products
for all hair and skin types.

We support multi-faceted people with straight
forward body care that you can trust to be good for you,
without harming Gaia.

BRIAN_ bode

Beauty is in his blood, his Uncle & Aunt founded Sebastian International, so as a young boy, was immersed in the ‘scents and sensibility’ of this crazy, beautiful world. It was a catwalk he was destined to follow. Brian began at 18, learning the craft, as an apprentice, to industry icon Geri Cusenza. Then, suitcase and knowledge in hand, he travelled for a decade as an international platform artist for Sebastian, Joico, Icon and Fudge before landing in Monterey, California. That was 25 years ago, in which time he has walked through the arenas of beauty and fashion and hair, subconsciously throwing them together to create the ideology and style that is, and can only be, BODE.

In 1997, Brian founded a physical space, Oya, a salon in Monterey. The space soon caught the attention of eyes across the country, with Harpers Bazaar describing it as ‘one of the hottest salons in the western U.S.’ It was a place where he stood behind 1000’s of clients, talking. He realised that it ’s not just the act of a cut or restyle they are coming for, they come to converse, to share their moments and situations, in all their shades. They came for a moment for themselves, to be themselves.

It came to him that, like life, the beauty industry is pretty relentless. So many products, so many tips, and much advice. He thought, as a chef would say of creating a sauce, ‘reduce reduce reduce’. One is the result of this thinking - initially 3 products that are as simple in ingredient as they are simple to use.

What’s next? Somethings in the pipeline, so keep checking in his salon mirror.