The Bode Story

With over 30 years of industry experience, Brian Bode has immersed himself in the world of hair, art, fashion and creative design cultivating a true mastery of the elements of style. We believe that no discussion of beauty can be complete without honoring the the natural beauty - the original beauty - of our planet.

Beauty and the love of natural beauty


30 years of skill and innovation have made him a highly sought after editorial stylist. His work has been seen at N.Y. Fashion week for Pamela Love, Alice+Olivia, ThreeASFOUR and
Korto Momolu.

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Oya Salon

In 1997, Brian founded Oya Salon as an extension of his industry experience, passion for education and desire to contribute to the betterment of his community. The salon quickly garnered local and national accolades and has continued to attain recognition throughout the country.

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Inspired by natural beauty

BODE purest path to beauty. We love humanity, simplicity and honesty. Bode beauty products are designed to make our planet just as beautiful as you —
find peace in your own reflection.

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“All bottles are made from sugarcane to make good on our promise for sustainability"


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It came to him that, like life, the beauty industry is pretty relentless. So many products, so many tips, and much advice. He thought, as a chef would say of creatinga sauce, ‘reduce reduce reduce’. One is the result of this thinking - initially 3 products that are as simple in ingredient as they are simple to use.

What’s next? Somethings in the pipeline, so keep checking in his salon mirror.

“BODE is committed to Protecting our oceans and marine life.”


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Oya salon

In 1997, Brian founded a physical space, Oya, a salon in Monterey. The spacesoon caught the attention of eyes across the country, with Harpers Bazaar describing it as ‘one of the hottest salons in the western U.S.’ It was a place where he stood behind 1000’s of clients, talking. He realised that it’s not just the act of a cut or restyle they are coming for, they come to converse, to share their moments and situations, in all their shades. They came for a moment for themselves, to be themselves.


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“Personal beauty that doesn’t come at the expense of natural beauty.”

Love of

A deep appreciation for beauty can’t be complete without an appreciation of natural beauty. The whole of life. Beauty is a transcendent aeshtetic. All Bode beauty products take only the purest path to beauty using only natural and ec0-friendly ingredients. Exquisitely curated and hand crafted ingredients from nature in the Monterey Peninsula of California. Every thing is derived from nature. Even the packaging is made of sugarcane and will dissolve without a trace. Bode wants you to look beautiful on the outside and feel beautiful on the inside. Making a conscience choice for sustainable beauty care that doesn’t come at the expense of the natural beauty of our planet. A choice that will bring peace with yourself and the environment. Bode wants everyone to be at peace with their reflectionby of fering products that make both you and our world more beautiful.

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